the choir that's not like a choir

Soul Song Brisbane started life as the West End Social Singers - an experimental 6 week Christmas pop-up.

We had so much fun that we decided not to let it go and Soul Song Brisbane was formed.

Soul Song Brisbane will work in pretty much the same was as Soul Song Cairns - by providing a fun and funky space for people of all musical experience to sing together.   

Soul Song Brisbane rehearses pretty much every Thursday, although we do take the odd week off during school holidays so please check the calendar below to make sure there's a rehearsal on before you come along.

New members are welcome at any time.

We start singing at 6.30pm but someone is normally at the hall from 6.00pm so you are welcome to come in early and say hi before the rush.  We stop half way through rehearsal for tea and coffee and bikkies and finish at 8.45pm.

Rehearsals are obviously primarily about working on repertoire and building vocal technique but we try to mix up rehearsals each week to keep them interesting and we also work a lot in smaller sections to help songs progress faster.

Because the group is still new, Soul Song Brisbane will rehearse as a full group rather than in sections like in Cairns as this will allow the group to become a community really quickly.

Those who come the most often get the most out of Soul Song but there is no expectation for people to come every single week and we have lots of resources available for those who miss a week or a few to help them catch up if they want to.  You'll get more information on this when you join.

We will give you a folder and all the lyrics you need once you've signed up. Then each week you come, you just need to bring some water, a highlighter, pen or pencil, your folder and reading glasses if you're of that kind of age!

Soul Song Brisbane rehearses on Thursdays from 6.30-8.45pm at the Kulripa Hall, 174 Boundary Street, West End

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